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In the Future
Song, Lyrics & Performance © Dr. Bernie Francis.

Mise'l Paul - the inspiration for this song!
Mise'l Paul - the inspiration for this song!
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Mikwimulek ki'l Mise'lji'j
We remind you little Michael

That in the future

Ansale'wijik ankweyultaqq
Angels will care for you

Into the future

Tepjiko'tasitesk ta'n elien
You will be treated special

Eleke'wa'ki ki'l pkisintesk
You will arrive in the kingdom

Wlo'tasitesk ke'sk na'te'l eimn
You will be treated well

Into the future

Tepknuset me' wlasij
As long as the moon shines

Into the future

Ntlita'sutiminaq apji-i'tesk
In our thoughts you will remain forever

Into the future

Jikeyultaqq Kisu'lkw elukowji
You will be cared for by the Creator's workers

Nenultaqq ki'l ksite'taqnji'jk
They will know you are precious

Pejili sape'wik kkamlamunji'j
Your heart is supremely pure

Into the future

Teli pkitqatmn Kisu'lkw wmîtkik
While you are in the Creator's Kingdom

Into the future

Tawalsewitesnen sankewo'ti
Ask for peace for us all

Into the future

Tlia' Mise'l ki'l naqsi- nqaliek
Though you leave us early

Wela'liek tel-nikan-awti'kewiek
We thank you for leading the way for us

Siaw mlkita' ki'l l'pa'tu'ji'j
Continue to be brave, little boy

Into the future

Mi'kmaw English Slow Phonetics
mlkita' ki'l l'pa'tu'ji'j Be brave, little boy. mlkita' ki'l l'pa'tu'ji'j
mlkita' ki'l e'pite'ji'j Be brave, little girl mlkita' ki'l e'pite'ji'j

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