There are many people who helped make this music cd possible. This project owes a debt of thanks to the elders whose cry for maintaining the Aboriginal Language is louder than ever.

Wela'lioq (thank you) to:

  • The many people who sat on planning and advisory committees who believed in the project and helped guide it, the school choir directors and support people who responded to the Help Desk contest, and the accomplished musicians and Native speakers who added so much to the richness of the album.

  • Those who wrote original songs and translated traditional songs, most of which are included on this cd: Darren Stevens, Bernie Francis, Holy Family Elders' Committee, Pauline Bernard, Mildred Milliea, Ida Denny, Marilyn Vicaire, Mary Ginnish, Rita Joe, Albert Julian, and Katani Julian.

  • People who have worked so hard to translate and make sure the Mi'kmaw writing and meanings are correct, knowing how important this cd will be as a future resource: Wilfred Prosper, Audrey Stevens, Arlene Stevens, and especially Dr. Bernie Francis who gave much, translating, correcting, and proofing almost every song on the album while receiving only the love of doing something for his people.
  • The organizations who support Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk: Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs Secretariat, Industry Canada, and Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey.

  • Everyone who contributed their time, efforts, and talents.

  • And, especially to the children who contributed art, music, and enthusiasm!