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Burnt Church Song
Song, Lyrics & Performance © 2002 Dr. Bernie Francis.

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Metepna'kiaqewaq Natuaqnekewaq
Red bank people, Eel ground people
Listukujk elt wjita'taqq
They will also come from Restigouche
Pik Ko'pkewaq i'mu'titaqq
The Big Cove people will be there
Naji apoqnmua'tita
To help them

Pewalkîtjik elt Unama'kikewaq
We also want Cape Bretoners
Aq elt Sîpekne'katikewaq
And people from Shubie
Paqtnkekewaq Piktukewaq
Bayfield and people from Pictou
To come to our aid

Weli-kjijitu'tij kikmanaq
Our people know well
Tetuji-sa'q ta'n kemutmulkwik
How long they've been stealing from us
Tepiaq nuku' teli kiseyulkwik
Enough cheating from us now
Weji-pejita'ykw Esknuopîtijk
That is why we now arrive in Burnt Church

Wli-anko'tmnej elt kinu
May we be mindful as well
Mu wesua'lulukkw oqmo'ti
That we do not succumb to greed
Qame'kewaq ne'pa'kwi'tij
It's killing the people from across the water
Klapis kîtu' ktmete'mi'tij
To the point of harvesting everything in its entirety

Kaqiaql nipuktl nike'
The forests are all but gone
Kwitamaqn poqji-eule'jk
Fishing is being diminished
Mu kinu koqqwa'tukkw telo'lti'kw
If we don't take control of our livelihood
Ma' wskwianukw koqoey wejin'tulti'kw
There will be nothing left to fight about

Nuku' L'nuita'sultinej
Why don't we begin to think like Natives
Sîke nike' kniskamijinaqik
Like our ancestors
Mukk wji-ktmete'mupp mimajuaqn
Let us not try to completely deplete our livelihood
Tetoqatmuanej pitu'-knijannaq
Leave life for our children yet to be born

Esknuopîtijkewaq kilow
People from Burnt Church
Wela'liek melkuktmoq
Thank you for fighting so diligently
Mu ntui'sketunew ktri'timinal
Not to sell our treaties
Matnaqatinew wjit knijannaq
And also fighting for our children

Mukk ntui'sketupp ktri'timinal
Don't sell our treaties
Mukk tla'siw sîke Qame'kewa'j
Don't behave like the people from across the water
Mukk na'qatpeyulij suliewey
Don't be fooled by money
Mukk ntui'sketu ta'n mu ki'lewey
Don't sell that which doesn't belong to you

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