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Mukk Atkitemiw Mijua'ji'j
Song, Lyrics & Performance © 2002 Dr. Bernie Francis.

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Mukk atkitemiw mijua'ji'j
Do not cry little child
Kiju' apukjik piskulîka't
Mama will soon walk in
Aq kiju' mu piskulîka'qw
And if mama doesn't walk in
Ta'ta apukjik ap-lukwetew
Daddy will soon be home from work

Aq ta'ta me' mu ap-lukwekw
And if Daddy still hasn't arrived from work
Ksis na peji maliamultew
Your older brother will come to tend to you
Aq ksis mu maliamuluk
and if your older brother doesn't tend to you
Kmis na wli maliamultew
Your older sister will care for you well

Mi'kmaw English Slow Phonetics
Tami eyk kiju'? Where is mom? Tami eyk kiju'?
Kiju' apukjik piskulîka't. Mom will walk in at any moment. Kiju' apukjik piskulîka't.
Wen wli-maliamultew? Who will best look after you? Wen wli-maliamultew?
Kmis na wli-maliamultew. Your older sister will look after you well. Kmis na wli-maliamultew.

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