For many generations the Mi'kmaq people have passed on their language and Christian teachings through the gift of music. Today this aspect of our oral tradition is declining. Most of the hymns on this CD were taught to us by our respected elders that have passed on to the spirit world. Some of these hymns would be lost if not for the help of the late Wilfred Prosper who took the time to sit with me (Arlene Stevens) and read these hymns, word for word, and recorded himself on tape so that we could learn these valuable teachings and pass them on. Another person instrumental in teaching us these hymns was the late Sarah Denny who did it with such grace and humility. This recording is tribute to all Mi'kmaw elders as a token of thanks and appreciation for keeping these hymns a part of our culture to this day. Therefore, it is in this spirit of thanks that we present this CD to the next generation of Mi'kmaw to be used as an educational tool in the preservation of our culture.

Many thanks to: Kevin Burton for finding the funding to do this project so that we could preserve this part of our culture; Thomas Johnson and Robert Stevens who were so helpful in the studio, their input and advice was instrumental in providing a quality product; Vivian Jeddore who has been patient and encouraging during this recording; The Musicians who freely gave up their time and talent to the creation of this project; Pauline Bernard who translated "O Holy Night" into our Mi'kmaw language; Jamie Foulds for his expertise and hospitality and playing keyboards where needed; the Eskasoni Holy Family Choir and the Children's Choir; the Mi'kmaq people who waited patiently and prayed for the success of this project; and anyone who I have forgotten to mention here. Last but not least, we would like to thank our families for allowing us to spend countless number of hours in the studio.    
Recorded and mixed by Jamie Foulds at Soundpark Studios, Sydney, NS

Produced by Arlene Stevens, Thomas Johnson, Robert Stevens

Graphics design and Layout by Thomas Johnson

Photographs of elders Arlene Stevens, Kenny Prosper

All songs traditional except for track 12 "And then we heard a baby cry" written by Rita Joe

Funding for this project was provided from Heritage Canada, Aboriginal Languages Initiative through Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk. Manufacturing funded by Holy Family Parish, Eskasoni, NS, Canada.