Waltesey A'tukwaqn - The Waltes Story

Waltesey A'tukwaqn
The Waltes Story

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Waltes, is a unique Mi'kmaw game that has been around for hundreds of years. An American anthropologist Hagar in the late nineteenth century, was told that waltes was invented and taught by legendary hero of the Mi'kmaq, Kluskap.

The story of waltes presented here is in the journals of Father Christian LeClerq's, "New Relations of Gaspesia", 1910. The story tells us that there is so much fun acquired in playing the game that it even got the attention of the spirit world.

Today, the game is still popular among the Mi'kmaq and played, especially before lent. During lent, playing the game is not allowed.

Mary Rose Julian


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Written and illustrated by Mary Rose Julian.
Narrated by April Julian. Pencil coloured by Alice Paul.
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